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My 24 hours at Science Park

Theme My 24 hours at Science Park
Objectives By sharing the stories of Park companies, we will show the general public the vibrancy of Science Park in a diverse and relatable way and bring them on our unique and inspiring innovation journeys. We will help them see how extraordinary the Innovation & Technology industry is and how it is contributing to our community.
Story requirements
  1. Your story should focus on the R&D journey of your disruptive solution 
  2. At least one shooting location should be within Science Park
  3. Each visual should show the specific time it was taken (using a clock, watch or any other device) to tell the story of what happened, to whom and at what time during a 24-hour period at Science Park
  4. There should be no commercial promotion in your story
Format requirements
  1. Use either photos or videos 
  2. For photos, there should be no fewer than four and no more than six 
  3. Videos should be less than 2 minutes long, in MP4/ MOV format, resolution of at least 1080p 
  4. Please include a 300-word description of your work
  5. Both Chinese and English are acceptable as the medium of language for the story submission. 
Who can take part Anyone working for a company based at Science Park
Story posting
  1. Stories that meet the requirements stated above will be posted on open and shared platforms
  2. Selected stories may be featured on HKSTP’s website or social media platforms
How to join  Please register HERE
Submission deadline  Please submit your story, including the video or photos, by email to, before 6 pm, 13 Mar 2019. 
Video Shooting Training Course
  1. You are eligible to enjoy a free Video Shooting Training Course when you take part in the “My 24 Hours in Science Park” campaign
  2. Participants can choose to join a Basic or Advanced Video Shooting course.
  3. To motivate course participants to apply what they have learned, they are required to submit a video for the “My 24 Hours in Science Park” campaign upon completing the course.
  4. To enrol, participants are requested to provide a deposit cheque of $500 payable to Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. Please mark your name, company name, mobile no. and the name of the training course on the back of the cheque. The cheque will be returned to participants who attend more than three classes of the course and submit the assignment.
Course content and schedule Please refer to the Chinese verison
How to join
  1. Register via
  2. Submit the cheque to Club House (Operation Time: daily 07:30 to 21:00, except 5-7 Feb) by deadline below. Please mark "Free Video Shooting training" of "My 24 hours in Science Park" on the envelope. 
Enrolment deadline: 12noon, February 19, 2019
Terms and conditions
  1. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is the organiser of the event. By participating in the story-sharing campaign, participants confirm that they have read and agreed to and will abide by these terms and conditions.
  2. Photos, soundtracks, sound or video clips of the content in the story must be original and not subject to any copyright. The organiser is not responsible for any content that violates or infringes copyrights.
  3. Once a participant submits a story, the participant agrees to share the photos or videos on any public social platform. The participant also authorises HKSTP to use the materials on any public platform or media.
  4. Once a participant joins the video shooting training course, the participant agrees to join My 24 hours in Science Park Campaign. 
  5. Participants must ensure that the content of the submitted story does not infringe the copyright or any rights of others. If the copyright and materials related to the copying of others are included, the participant must first obtain the written consent of the copyright or content owner. Any dispute arising thereof shall be the sole responsibility of the participant, and the participant may be disqualified from taking part in the event. The organiser reserves the right to request participants to provide written authorisation when necessary.
  6. No obscene or indecent entries containing insinuating or defamatory elements, violence, offensive language and conduct, or other content that violates the laws of the Hong Kong Government will be accepted.
  7. Only people on the payroll of companies based at Science Park are eligible to take part in the campaign.
  8. In order to maximise the publicity effect, participants are requested not to share their submission publicly until the submission is officially shared on the organiser’s designated platforms.
  9. In case of any dispute, HKSTP reserves the right of final decision, including changing the terms and conditions of the campaign, suspending or terminating the campaign at any time without prior notice.