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Enjoy 15% Off on DEXLA™ Health Product

This offer is provided by HKSTP’s partner company, Govita Tech Limited.

Promotion offer: From now until 31 December 2020
DEXLA™ Immune Booster: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BzbpBVGGTdWFFKsN15oHrjHGcJ_XoHqm/view?usp=sharing 
  • Improve immune function by enhancing properties of cells in the immune system
  • Increase anti-inflammatory effects
  • Enhance detoxification by binding with heavy metals and aiding the excretion of such toxins
  • Improves sleep quality
Batch Analysis:
Purchase Method:
1. Visit: https://govita.tech/products/dexla
2. Input discount code “SPARK15” to enjoy 15% off exclusively for SPARK members
For orders and enquiries, please contact:
Govita Tech Limited
Tel: (852) 9454 2582

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