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Special Privileges


Special offer - Octopus Type Approval Certification

Exclusive for Science Park and InnoCentre partner companies and incubatees

As part of HKSTP's cashless initiative in promoting Smart City Blueprint, HKSTP is now collaborating with Octopus Cards Limited (OCL) to provide at least 50% off, or even free, Type Approval (TA) Certificates to partner companies and incubatees at Science Park and InnoCentre.

The existing OCL TA Certification application process will remain unchanged. To be eligible for discounted/free certification, Science Park and InnoCentre partner companies are required to submit the application form for discounted/free OCL TA Certification to your respective OCL Sales Representative before OCL TA Certificate issuance, i.e. within three months' of OCL TA Certification application. Qualitative measurements are also required to be submitted within 30 days after 6 months of OCL TA Certification issuance.

Applications are reviewed by an OCL judging panel. Evaluation will be conducted based on the qualitative and quantitative measurements collected throughout the 6-month period. The certificate fee rebate will then be arranged to successful applicants within 8 weeks of result announcement.  

All applications from Science Park and InnoCentre partner companies and incubatees can enjoy at least 50% off! This programme will pilot for one year, from October 2018 to September 2019.

For details, please contact your OCL Sales Representatives.  You can also contact OCL through or 2266 2282 to understand more.