Mr Paul Chan, Financial Secretary, HKSAR Government, addresses innovators and talent in Hong Kong and around the world as they seek opportunities in Hong Kong’s thriving tech sector.

Dr Sunny Chai, Chairman, HKSTP, tells young talent that they face a generational opportunity to shape the world for good through science and technology.

Mr Alfred Sit, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSAR Government, shares I&T as an enabler will make our city more prosperous with contribution from our of tech talents.

Prof Dennis Lo, Associate Dean (Research) of Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, shares his thoughts on how I&T will reshape the biomedical tech sector with earlier detection and new drug treatments for cancer and aging diseases.

Ms Annabel Huo, Executive Director and Senior Vice President, Coma Telecom, highlights that the world will be more automatic with smarter applications bringing us a new artificial intelligent living model and transform the way we work and live.

Prof Wise Young, Chairman, Mononuclear Therapeutics, shares that technology advancements will redefine the healthcare sector to provide better and more effective treatments. He believes together we can make the impossible possible.

Mr Jimmy Tao, CEO, Vitargent, mentions that I&T will revolutionise the way we travel on land and space with new renewable energy sources to make our city better and more sustainable.